Esri Business PartnerArcGIS Online Service Packages – Partnering for Success by Jeremy Weber, Director of Product Development, GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting.  What is this article about?  This article discusses the release of GEO-Jobe GIS’s ArcGIS Online service offerings, their role within this space, and how partnerships are critical to success.

Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time working with the ArcGIS Online product.  Through these efforts, it’s clearer than ever how transformative this product is going to be.  A true mapping platform that will open Esri technology and the ArcGIS system up for delivery across organizations.  A platform that will drive efficiency through GIS technology in user groups and sectors we’ve never been able to penetrate before.

This is very exciting, but the work is just starting.  We’re talking about millions of casual users across many industries (public and private) that need to be connected with the power of GIS.  The process of fully “wiring up” these new users is not a quick one.  It requires combining knowledge of existing business processes and workflows with the capabilities of the ArcGIS Online mapping platform.  The bottom line is that it’s going to take a team effort (Esri, Business Partners and Clients) to capitalize on all these opportunities.  Not to mention the many additional opportunities that will spawn from millions of eyes being opened to the value of GIS.

As a company that wants to be a leader in this effort, we feel it’s important to clearly define our role.  In that regard, we’re excited to announce the release of our ArcGIS Online service packages.

To learn more about our ArcGIS Online service packages including pricing, visit our website.

We’re excited to collaborate with you to do big things in this space.  Please tweet me @jeremyhweber, if you have any questions.

Jeremy Weber

Jeremy Weber

Vice President at GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting
Jeremy is responsible for product development and long-term business strategy and growth for GEO-Jobe. He also manages projects for local and state government organizations and directs all ArcGIS Online initiatives.
Jeremy Weber