Census TIGER shapefiles – a primer

Earlier this year the Census Bureau released its TIGER/Line files in shapefile format for the first time. I was just taking a look at the TIGER website to see how the data would work as basemap for some simple projects we are working on. Keep in mind, I know there are other free and not so free data sources out there. This is just for those interested in using TIGER. On first look, the structure of the files is significantly different from the original ASCII method. Those original file formats are arranged entirely by County. If you wanted more...
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Tools to release TIGER data in shapefile format

Starting in January 2008, the Census Bureau will begin releasing TIGER spatial data in shapefile format. A revised record layout for the shapefiles and associated relationship files is now available in and formats. This document was most recently updated on December 13, 2007. What is TIGER®? The term TIGER® comes from the acronym Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing which is the name for the system and digital database developed at the U.S. Census Bureau to support its mapping needs for the Decennial Census and other Bureau programs…. I’ve been using TIGER streets data for years...
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